“Wow! That’s awesome! And so comfortable,” a few days ago a young and energetic visitor saw it at see feel drive. He spoke of the tourfiets of 4Wieler from the Netherlands.

According to its designer and developer Robert van Hees, the Tourfiets was developed primarily for people who no longer dare to ride a normal bicycle. Mostly out of fear of losing one’s balance. Whether for medical or age reasons, or simply because they haven´t been on a bike for a long time or never before. And some just want have a comfortable bike ride.


Up to now, tricycles have been the preferred choice on the market. From our earliest childhood we know, however, that tricycles were rather tippy and sometimes dropped us. Anyone who was a big fan – and whose parents played along – switched to Kettkar. Four wheels are simply more stable than 3.

This is even more important for adult vehicles. For a comfortable seating position and due to the height of the body, the center of gravity moves upwards. And the higher the centre of gravity moves, the more susceptible a vehicle becomes to tipping when driving faster. In addition, the direction of travel of a tricycle does not stabilise due to the design. You have to practice a lot to control the tricycle. This is certainly not a problem for young people on a cargo bike, but it is for some others. Safety for the less experienced, however, is provided by 4 wheels. 120 years of car construction can’t be wrong.

During the young man’s visit, a kind of bet was made: I was supposed to prove that the tourfiets would take me to Wiesbaden’s landmark Neroberg mountain. Even if it looks so great, it is rather meant for people who want to drive along the Rhine.



It even went uphill on one of the steepest streets in Wiesbaden, the Nerobergstraße. Slowly, but steadily and comfortably. Did I already mention that the Tourfiets is full suspension?

So after a short ride I was standing above the roofs of Wiesbaden.


The downhill was fast, the Tourfiets runs at 45km/h stable straight ahead. And if you dare, you drift around the curves. Like we used to do when we were little boys. The Tourfiets offers a time travel as a standard. A Kettcar with engine, wasn’t that always a dream?

On the way back I passed the Christmas market. Positive attention is guaranteed to the driver, he or she should be prepared for some nice conversations.

And that”s how it goes: Go Green and don’t get you down when your body or mind don’t want to ride a two-wheeler anymore. It’s fun.


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