We met the gentlemen Andreas, Johannes and Frank at the Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf. We were immediately enthusiastic about the concept: a single stable central tube, suspension fork, cable steering, available with and without motor, Magura brakes and Alfine hub. And as Continental development partners, they are at the forefront of motorization. The 48V Prime engine from Continental is currently being installed.


We have learnt: the ideal kindergarten move is possible thanks to the rope pull steering. Raise the back and pull away sideways = move on the smallest area.


Recently there is also a bench for children, so the Kargon is fully suitable for families.

But the Kargon is not only suitable for families, also as a commercial transporter it carries some of the load away. It was not for nothing that Andreas was with his One Prime winner in the discipline “Carry Shit Olympics” = “Load up, what’s up! = Tetris for advanced packers in the Flying Elephant Cargobike Race. 


Andreas has brought it with a lot of skill to 150kg payload.

For professional use, there is a lockable metal box with a sliding lid instead of the tubular frame with truck tarpaulin, which can also be used as a storage and work surface.


The Kargon will in future also be available with the Continental Revolution engine with integrated continuously variable transmission.

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