Cruzer is the name of the stylish bike from Rayvolt. The name comes from Ray = sunbeam and Volt and sounds like Revolution, which should be so. Revolution is not only the look of the bike, but the optional available solar charging stations, with which the name Rayvolt gets a very special meaning.

Team Rayvolt im HQ

The booth of the Rayvolt crew at the Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf was great, but after I had seen the picture from the headquarters we wanted to have the bike in Wiesbaden. The room reminded us of something.


Cruzer drives the way it looks: cool. But those who expect low-tech will be disappointed. 48-volt system, up to 1100 Wh battery capacity, recuperation, theft protection through engine blockage and locating system as well as a specially developed control software including maps, music and customer service chat are on board.


In addition there are extensive accessories such as leather bags, luggage carrier with second saddle, handlebar roll and the legendary surfboard holder.

Rayvolt Cruzer ActionA001_C027_0705EL

Then the see feel drive – dependance in St. Peter – Ording is worth to be opened too,

The Cruzer is now available in Wiesbaden for test drives.

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