see feel drive: experience it analog – order it digital

 The future is near

The life in the city and the suburbs is
much better without a car as people in Amsterdam and Copenhagen know since many
years. People will find more and more replacements for cars: for delivery
services, craftspeople and carriers special 2, 3 or 4-wheel hybrid vehicles
will play a big role in their daily life. 

And – of course – status and style
matters: oustanding vehicles will ever be an outstanding symbol for status.
There will be one slightly difference: stronger, faster, higher will always
lead, but in addition with a statement for ecology, style and smart solutions.
The corresponding outfit, extraordinary accessories and sophisticated bike
furniture will always be an add on.


Only a few retailers will do the next step into the future of the individual (e)-mobilty. They still define theirselves as a local bicycle dealer. So only a handful of new ideas and products are entering the markets successful. They sell the products they know for a long time and which are easy to sel

Direct selling of high class products and
products in the need of explanation is not that easy. You need a lot of know
how and a lot of cost intensive human resources and  travelling to tradeshows and meetings. You
can´t sell a vehicle by just showing pictures and techical details in brochures
and on websites. 

Websites and magazins will create a „must have“, but the decison to buy a product like a high class vehicle needs a „real love“. And „real love“ will start by see it, touch it, drive it!

The solution: an analog marketplace in a digital world

We create a platform to bring together all the
participants of business: producers, distributors, retailers, clients. The
producers will allocate their vehicles/ products, the clients can see them,
touch them and make a ride.

Our offer is to be your presence in the middle of
Germany without the need of own staff and rooms.

We will not sell, even not on the base of
commision. We are independent and neutral. The base is a montly recurruring fee
to be a member of our marketplace, renting of space and services. Starting with
a minimum of 3 months and agreed terms.

Business on demand = fixed and transparent costs.

The space is in the urban environment in Wiesbaden in the metropolitan area Rhein-/ Main. 5.5 million people are living the this area .We will provide different exhibition spaces like space for 1 vehicle, x sqm in the co-location area or a dedicated area, where you can build your own booth.

Part of the location is an outdoor area for test
rides. Basic maintenance and cleaning services are included.

We will present all your vehicles/ products in a
high class way to the clients. We only need a training on the products by you.
The excellent consultancy about your vehicles/ products will be an exciting
customer experience

=> experience it analog.

The deal will be directly between you and the
client. Providing a weborder or config tool on your website the client can
order immediately. We will take care of the technics (all-in-one-PC)

=> order it digital

After direct sales you will send all your vehicles
ready mounted or pre—mounted including an easy to understand manual direct to
the client.

As a matter of course you can use our platform to
find and train distributors and/or retailers for the future.

Added Value:

We will have the effect for synergy by the choice
of high class companies/ products. You will talk about suppliers and clients to
find the right strategy and technics. You can offer more services using the
participants of our platform. I.e. outfits, bags, furniture beyond the
standards as your vehicles and products are for sure.

The analog marketplace in a digital world

  • Space: per vehicle, x sqm in the co-location areaor dedicated space
  • Excellent consultancy for your products
  • Possibility for direct orders
  • Test rides
  • Basic maintenance and cleaning
  • Once a year the whole location for your own,exclusive event
  • Common event for the community
  • Website, Blo
  • Synergy by using the community
  • Urban catchment, 5.5 mio people


  • Handovers
  • Maintenance
  • Delivery
  • Meeting room