The Qirubike team passionately creates bicycles that fit like a tailor-made suit. Each frame is individually made by hand. The customer must of course be precisely “measured”, which happens in the studio – workshop is the wrong expression here – a few kilometers outside Heidelberg.


The frame is made of mould glued precious wood veneers. For water resistance it is coated several times with natural oil. The production of the frame alone takes almost 4 weeks in countless individual steps until it meets the quality requirements of Qirubike.


The bike will be equipped with the highest quality components currently available on the market. Of course also on customer request.

Qirubike are Ernesto and Jairo Cuicapuza, father and son. Ernesto is a mechanical engineer with a passion for racing bikes. He is responsible for statics and technology.

Jairo inherited from his father the passion for cycling and cycling sports and is the artist who created the design of the Qirubike. The bike exhibited at see feel drive is a project work from school days and the second fully roadworthy prototype.


A test ride shows the talent of both of them. The bike is light and stable, the optical impression is strengthened. The bike shown can now be tested at see feel drive.


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