Here the heart of speedpedelecbiker beats faster: for 2019 the company MTB CYCLETECH from Switzerland will bring the code on the market. And exclusively as Speedpedelec.

The Swiss know how to do it. After all, the Speedpedelec has a large market share in Switzerland and is well established as a commuter vehicle and car replacement. This is mainly due to the fact that the rules for Speed pedelecs are very pragmatic, i.e. a Speedpedelec is considered a fast bicycle and not, as in the EU, a slow motorcycle.

But even in good old Germany they slowly realize that with a speedpedelec the morning traffic jam is history. Especially with the code, as it is driven by a powerful rear engine from Neodrives. Low maintenance and durable is the drive with a Gates belt, is shifted by a gearbox from Pinion. So you are driving on the code completely silent.


I am particularly looking forward to driving the code for the first time at our opening on 12 and 13 October. So far I only had the frame in my hand and was able to see the production in Switzerland. The frame makes an extremely high-quality and elegant impression and promises maximum stability. And they know something about powder coating in Bassersdorf. Quality and colours are simply beautiful.


The Code will be a permanent guest at see feel drive in Wiesbaden from the beginning of 2019




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