Wer macht mit bei unserer Eröffnung am 12. und 13. Oktober?

I take the opportunity to introduce you to the participants with short and personal words:

MTB CYCLETECH: the brand new High-Tech Speedpedelec Code from Switzerland with strong rear hub motor from NeoDrives, maintenance free Gates belt and also maintenance free Pinion gearbox.


KARGON: a two-wheeled, extremely solid cargo bike for children, families and craftsmen with a light monotube frame, Continental electric motor and cable steering.


Qirubike: beautiful, light and robust racing and touring bikes made of mould glued precious wood veneers. Handmade to the dimensions of the owner.


RAYVOLT CRUZER: a vehicle whose name sounds like revolution and high-tech. Probably the most casual type of e-mobility with 48-volt drive system and optionally available solar charging panel.


CONVERT: the 3 in 1 – Bike. The answer to limited living space at high rents. A bike that can be transformed from a racing bike into a trekking bike and/or a mountain bike in seconds.


BAYK BRAND: the eye-catcher for individualists. From a variety of RAL colours and accessories a unique, completely individual pedelec is created. And the technology is impressive: Rear-wheel hub motor from GoSwiss with 8-speed gears and 500Wh battery.


WALLERÄNG: Pedelec from Sweden with clear Scandinavian design and modular luggage transport system. Equipped with Shimano Steps drive systems.


STAJVELO: the electric chic from Monaco. An elegant and filigree looking bike as if made of one piece. Which it is, because it is made of a high-tech composite. Equipped with Continental’s electric motor with integrated, continuously variable transmission and maintenance-free Gates belt.


LIBELLE: probably the lightest load and family bike currently available. With large and safe transport “cabin” for two children. Completely made of carbon and can be divided if desired. The “cabin” can then also be used as a stroller. For Wiesbaden we recommend the optional motor from Pendix.


4WIELER: 4 wheels are the safest against falling over and with electrical support a four-wheeled vehicle is a wonderful basis for any kind of transport. Whether alone on long journeys, as a parallel tandem for boundless fun in pairs or to transport heavy loads with or without trailers.


AMITY JACKETS: these will keep you dry, warm and safe through the winter. Made of EtaProof cotton and generously equipped with reflectors that can be concealed when not in use, these jackets are the ideal companion for everyday business. But not only because they are cut quite casually.


LEVOSS: bicycle racks that are far more than that. Leif-Erik Voss is a wood sculptor and his bicycle furniture decorates every living room. Then one of the above mentioned wheels would fit.




Stefan Johannes Barth · October 12, 2018 at 7:57 am

Moin- mich beschäftigt die Frage ob ich mir endlich ein Pedelec Rad zulege — bin schon lange ein Fan von den Rädern und besonders von
Pinion Drive Technology– Würde gerne eine Probefahrt mit dem neuen MTB CYCLETECH machen und zu eurer Messe nach Wiebaden kommen, muss auch aus anderren Gründen dort hin, aber am 12.u.13. schaffe ich das nicht. Vielleicht an einem anderen Tag oder ich muss es wo anders Testen . Lieben Gruss , alles gute 🙂

    seefeeldrive · October 15, 2018 at 2:18 pm

    Hallo, das MTB Cycletech war nur für die 2 Tage hier, da es sich noch um ein Vorserienmodell handelte. Bis die Serienfertigung angelaufen ist und das Bike die deutsche Zulassung bekommt, wird es sicher bis Anfang nächsten Jahres dauern. Ich als langjähriger S-Pedelec Fahrer kann aber sagen: das Warten lohnt sich. Der Motor ist leise und stark und die Pinion über jeden Zweifel erhaben. Eine tolle Kombination. Viele Grüße, Martin

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