Why see feel drive

Experience it analog - order it digital. Do you buy high-priced products like extraordinary bikes, high-quality clothing and the art of furniture directly from a website? Without looking at them, feeling them and trying them out? But just extraordinary bikes and associated high-class products often do not find their way into the retailers shops. In order to experience these products directly = analog and to be able to order them directly via web form = digital, there is see feel drive.


View extraordinary bicycles, family bikes, cargo bikes, extraordinary bicycle furniture and elegant clothing in the urban environment of the Wiesbaden Westend in the middle of the Rhine/Main metropolitan region with 5.5 million people.


For your decision about high-class vehicles, clothing and furniture that require explanation, you need intensive advice with special know-how. By explaining while trying and feeling at the same time, "first love" can germinate if the vehicle, clothing and furniture feel good.


After intensive instruction and adjustment you will be able to move the extraordinary vehicle in our yard or on the quiet streets and get a detailed impression. So from the first to be in love a "real love" can arise.

We are

Martin Ziegler

Martin Ziegler

enthusiastic speedpedelecbiker, blogger, hobby photographer:

• Managing Director ebike-world
• International Key Account Manager in the electrical industry
• Sales Manager of products for datacenters
• Account Manager datacenter
• Part time restaurateur

Patricia Thiel

Patricia Thiel

Enthusiastic speedpedelecbiker, cook, outdoorfan:

• Chief of professional housekeeping
• Private cook
• Restaurateur for events
• Owner of a tearoom
• Retailer



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